Which program for drug and alcohol rehab in Windsor, Colorado, do I need?

Most individuals believe they can stop using drugs and/or alcohol on their own. It is difficult to admit that they need help, and they fear how others will perceive them. However, not participating in alcohol and drug treatment in Windsor, Colorado, at the right level of care can only make their drug and alcohol abuse issues worse and decrease their feelings of self-worth. Addiction counselors use an assessment tool to gain an understanding of the individual's needs and which level of care will produce the most effective outcome. Some clients need to start with a program for drug detox in Windsor while others can start with an outpatient program.

Common signs that you need inpatient drug rehab in Windsor, Colorado

Most individuals who participate in addiction treatment in Windsor will start with an outpatient program. Many individuals who enter outpatient treatment will be successful in recovery. However, if clients have attempted to maintain sobriety at the outpatient level of care on numerous occasions, they should consider inpatient drug and alcohol treatment in Windsor, Colorado. Inpatient alcohol and drug treatment in Windsor, Colorado, can provide clients with more supervision and structure than outpatient treatment. It also provides an environment where they can focus on treatment only.

Addiction treatment in Windsor is provided voluntarily. These programs have many individuals who will drop out and return to drug and alcohol use at any time. Many times, clients participating solely because they are required to by their probation officer, a caseworker, their PCP, or a family member. In these types of cases, they do not really want to recover but attend alcohol and drug treatment in Windsor, Colorado, just to satisfy whoever has sent them there. It is much more difficult to get away with faking recovery when you are in an inpatient drug rehab in Windsor. Hopefully, they will break through their denial.

Often, clients do not have a safe home environment to recover from drug and/or alcohol use. In recovery, individuals must have access to:

  • A drug-free environment
  • Regular meals
  • Transportation to appointments
  • Supportive people to talk to

Some individuals are lucky enough to have access to all of the above. However, if clients not, they would have a better chance at achieving recovery in an inpatient drug and alcohol rehab in Windsor.

People who have mental illnesses in addition to addiction can sometimes thrive in outpatient care, but studies suggest that they might do a little better in an inpatient program for drug and alcohol treatment in Windsor.

For example, according to a study in the journal Psychiatric Quarterly, people who had outpatient care were four times more likely to drop out of care early. This figure stayed in place regardless of the mental health status of people enrolled in care, meaning that mentally ill people didn't do worse in care than those considered healthy. People with mental illnesses, however, might fare much worse when they drop out of care and both their addictions and mental illnesses spring back to life. For people like this, inpatient care might be vital.

Addictions can take a toll on a person's physical health, and in a study in the journal Alcoholism, about 63 percent of people who enroll in care have a mental health issue, a physical health issue and an addiction, all at the same time. It's easy to overlook physical problems in this context, but pain and dysfunction can make life harder, and they can make recovery a bit more complicated. As a result, those with serious medical issues in addition to addiction are often considered ideal candidates for inpatient alcohol and drug treatment in Windsor.

Diagnostic criteria for drug and alcohol rehab in Windsor, Colorado

Whether you are using heroin rehab in Windsor, Colorado or meth rehab in Windsor, we can help. If you struggle with a need for cocaine rehab in Windsor, Colorado, or if you need prescription drug rehab in Windsor, Colorado, AspenRidge Recovery is ready to assist you.

If you use substances daily or once a month, you can still experience negative consequences due to your addiction. Addiction treatment in Windsor follows a set of guidelines to determine if you meet the diagnostic criteria for addiction treatment or if you need begin with a program for drug and alcohol detox in Windsor.

We work hard to paint a clear picture of your substance use so can help to determine if you need outpatient treatment or would benefit more from inpatient treatment or if you need to start with alcohol and drug detox in Windsor, Colorado. When a counselor completes an evaluation, she will use this tool to recommend the appropriate type of addiction treatment in Windsor, Colorado.