AspenRidge Recovery is Fully Accredited by The Joint Commission

What is The Joint Commission?

The Joint Commission is a licensing and accreditation body that has strict guidelines and standards for mental health and substance abuse treatment centers. Their goal to monitor and enforce quality care by holding treatment centers accountable and to very high standards in order to stay officially accredited. Monitoring and audits continue throughout time to ensure that quality care continues.

Why Being Properly Accredited and Licensed is so Important for Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

Choosing the right drug or alcohol rehab isn’t always an easy decision. You have to consider the quality of treatment as well as cost, distance and other factors. When you choose a treatment center that is licensed and accredited, it offers peace of mind because you know that the center is being held to strict standards of care. When a rehab, like AspenRidge Recovery, is accredited by The Joint Commission, you can feel confident in the quality care you deserve and need.

The Joint Commission