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AspenRidge Recovery offers the ideal location for tranquility and serenity. It's location along the Rocky Mountains makes it ideal for anyone who needs to escape to find piece of mind. If your piece of mind is sobriety, and you are in need of drug and alcohol rehab in Security-Widefield, Colorado, AspenRidge Recovery can help.

We employ a skilled staff of trained counselors and staff member who are familiar with any type of addiction. If you are in need of any of the following types of help, contact us today.

  • Prescription drug rehab in Security-Widefield, Colorado
  • Heroin rehab in Security-Widefield, Colorado
  • Alcohol rehab in Security-Widefield, Colorado
  • Cocaine rehab in Security-Widefield, Colorado
  • EMDR

How can 12 step meetings help with alcohol and drug rehab in Security-Widefield, Colorado?

A 12 step meeting is a program where a group of people join together to follow a guideline of principles designed to achieve recovery from addiction. 12 step meetings or programs include Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and Cocaine Anonymous. Members of 12 step meetings or programs help each other achieve and maintain sobriety. These programs are non-profit and non-religious, although there are a lot of references to a higher power and spirituality. They are open to anyone who suffers from addiction and their family and friends. 12 step meetings or programs can be highly beneficial to individuals in need of addiction counseling in Security-Widefield, Colorado.

Although, each program has its own set of steps, they are all based off of the original 12 step program, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).

Following the 12 steps of the program you chose and becoming involved in the meetings are a great way to find guidance and support for your addiction. However, these programs are often more effective if they are combined with drug rehab in Security-Widefield, Colorado.

What is a "We" and how does it help with drug and alcohol rehab in Security-Widefield?

One of the most important aspects of 12 step meetings is finding peer support. Addicts and Alcoholics can gain a sense of belonging at 12 step meetings because you are surrounded by others who can understand what you are going through. Individuals suffering from addiction have the opportunity to interact with, learn from, and engage in mutual support with others who are also struggling with addiction. The "We" you may hear being discussed or mentioned in conjunction with 12 step meetings are the members who provide individuals with an ongoing source of support as they go through the stages of the recovery process.

Are there different kinds of 12 step meetings for drug and alcohol treatment in Security-Winfield, Colorado?

In addition to the different programs, like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, there are also different types of 12 step meetings in Security-Widefield, Colorado. You should attend each type of meeting before deciding which one will work best for you. The different types of 12 step meetings and a description of the meeting are as follows:

  • Speaker meetings, where group members share their stories
  • Discussion meetings, where you talk about problems related to or caused by drinking
  • Step meetings, where you discuss the 12 steps
  • Informational meetings, where people can learn more about 12-step programs

Are 12 step programs the only type of drug rehab in Security-Widefield, Colorado?

AspenRidge Recovery can provide you with information on all local programs available. They will assist you in finding a program time that works around your schedule. If you or someone you love is struggling with an addiction, now is the time to call. It is never too late to change your current path. AspenRidge Recovery can assist you with finding a drug rehab in Security-Widefield, Colorado also.

What are other types of drug treatment in Security-Widefield, Colorado?

Drug rehab in Security-Widefield offers behavioral therapy that focuses on modifying actions. It will help you to gain coping skills to deal with difficult situations, learn how to change bad habits to good ones, and utilizes therapy approaches to eliminate unwanted behaviors. Behavioral therapy is based upon the assumption that behavior is learned and can therefore, be unlearned. Addiction counseling in Security-Widefield incorporates behavioral therapy and 12 step meetings to provide you with options for your recovery program.

Regardless of what type of drug and alcohol treatment you choose to enroll yourself into, AspenRidge Recovery is here, and we want to be your premier provider of drug and alcohol treatment in Security-Widefield, Colorado.