Scholastic and Professional Help at AspenRidge Recovery

We are committed to helping our clients return to work or school after completing recovery.

Living with active alcoholism or addiction becomes an all-encompassing, full-time job. The process of making money to buy your substance of choice, buying that substance, using that substance, and repeating takes up most of the day. As your substance abuse develops into substance dependence, many of your responsibilities are cast to the side.

Drug Addiction in Universities

As addiction consumes your life, basic self-care such as showering or brushing your teeth may no longer be an everyday occurrence. You skip out on engagements with friends and spend increasing amounts of time alone. As long as you can drink or get high, your needs are satisfied.

Whether or not you were taught responsibility from a young age does not matter; addiction and alcoholism will take that from you.

Grades in school begin to slip or work performance starts to disintegrate at the beginning. Eventually you may just stop showing up at all, to class or to work.

Drugs and alcohol are powerful substances that, if addiction and alcoholism is left to its devices, will eventually destroy everything around you. You may lose your job or drop out of school. Once you get sober and realize that you've eliminated your opportunities, it may seem as though you will never get back on your feet.

However, with scholastic and professional assistance offered at AspenRidge Recovery, getting back to life as you once knew it is not such an impossible feat. Counselors and staff help to teach life skills necessary to function in society again. Things you may have forgotten or simply no longer wanted to do become requirements in treatment. You will re-learn responsibility.

You will receive the opportunity to return to the life you left behind with a fresh chance to start over.

What scholastic resources are available at AspenRidge Recovery? Can I go back to school?

It starts innocently enough. You skip one or two classes to stay home and drink or get high but you make up for it the rest of the week. You still get your homework in on time and you are passing your tests.

As the addiction and alcoholism take hold, though, going to class becomes less of a priority.

They put all of the lecture slides online, I'll just go through those, you tell yourself. You submit homework online but even that is sent in late every few days.

Soon enough, school seems pointless. What's the use of a degree, anyways? I'm just getting myself into debt, you justify as you hit the pipe or sip from the bottle. Nevermind that your growing addiction or alcoholism is putting you into debt as well as your tolerance grows and you require more to get drunk or high.

Eventually you might just drop out entirely. You give up on the idea of getting a diploma or degree once alcohol and drugs take over your life. Once you're sober, though, and realize how close you were to graduating, your heart sinks.

Luckily, during your 90-day treatment program at AspenRidge Recovery, you have access to resources and people who can help you get back into school. You can find out about returning to the location you were at or perhaps even preparing to take the General Educational Development test (GED) and passing straight out of high school.

University of Denver Student Addiction Services
AspenRidge Recovery College Scholarship

If you were in college, we will help you find out which credits transfer and where you can take your current courses. Figure out how much schooling you have left to receive your degree and begin the path to getting back into classes.

Armed with a fresh resolve after graduating from AspenRidge, you can return to school ready to go. Your head will be clear, your determination will be back, and you will understand the second chance you have received. You'll be motivated to work hard, to show up to class, to turn in your homework on time.

Who knows, you might even find yourself raising your hand in class! Who would have thought you could do that before getting sober?

Professional Help for Addiction

Will AspenRidge Recovery help me return to work? Do you have job preparation available?

Returning to work may seem a bit more impossible than returning to school. Depending on your workplace, you may or may not be able to return to the job you had. Some workplaces allow time off for treatment and your job will be waiting for you when you get back. Others do not permit that luxury and will fire you the moment you need to leave.

Perhaps your alcoholism or addiction got to the point where you were no longer even attending work. You may have lived off the generosity of parents or friends, or received financial assistance from the government. Some addicts and alcoholics have not held a job in some number of years.

Regardless of the situation you find yourself in, whether you can return to work, need to find a new job, or need to start over entirely, AspenRidge can help.

Our counselors and staff help prepare you to return to the workforce.

During treatment you take on greater amounts of responsibility, as the goal of our program is to help you become self-sufficient while sober. As you near the end of your 90-day treatment at AspenRidge Recovery, you will receive help and assistance with finding employment.

We can help you with your resume, whether you do not have one at all or simply need to update it. We have helped hundreds of recovering addicts and alcoholics just like you prepare their resumes for job interviews.

Job interviews may be one of the most intimidating parts of the entire process. Though you could find yourself sweet talking your way to a free sack or bottle, conducting yourself in an interview is a different level. You may have lost your ability to carry yourself confidently but that does not mean it is impossible to get that back.

Through interview preparation and practice, our staff will help you become interview-ready by the time you graduate from AspenRidge Recovery. You'll discover you are just as capable as you once were and develop that confidence once again.

What if I haven't had a job in years or I just got out of jail? Will anyone hire me with a large gap in my employment or a criminal record?

With the current job economy it's tough for anyone to find a job. However, if you have been struggling with active addiction or alcoholism for many years, it may feel like the cards are stacked against you. How do you explain large gaps in employment or even a complete lack of job or schooling experience?

While you are a part of our 90-day program at AspenRidge Recovery, we can help you prepare a resume and your job interview skills. We can get you ready to interview with whatever locations you choose to apply for.

What if you were in jail and have a criminal record? Since every employer requests a background check, finding a job with a criminal history may seem intimidating. You might feel as though no one will want to hire you, especially if you have multiple felonies.

You may need additional assistance after graduating from AspenRidge Recovery in order to locate a job. There are additional resources available nationwide for those in recovery seeking assistance with finding employment. Many of these resources are available for free, funded by the state or by individuals who have a passion for helping those with criminal convictions who are getting sober.

The Legal Action Center founded the National H.I.R.E. Network in 2001. H.I.R.E. stands for the National Helping Individuals with criminal records Re-enter through Employment. The goal of the National H.I.R.E. Network is to assist those with criminal records in finding employment.

They work to do so by campaigning to change public policy, providing training and assistance to individuals who need additional help, and encouraging the collaboration between those with criminal records and researchers, policymakers, and advocates to help improve hireability.

Additionally, the National H.I.R.E. network works with the criminal justice system to improve the transition between incarceration and freedom. By providing opportunities during incarceration they hope to encourage the return to the workforce.

The US Department of Labor founded CareerOneStop to help job-seeking individuals locate jobs. They have a specific section for ex-offenders who are searching for employment. There is a database of employers who hire those with criminal convictions as well as resources where you can find additional assistance.

Seek help - Give yourself the chance at a new life with AspenRidge Recovery

Everyone in recovery deserves the opportunity at a second chance. We aren't the only ones who believe it and are here to help--- there are thousands of others who believe in the power sobriety provides.

Through scholastic and professional assistance at AspenRidge Recovery, you receive the chance to create a better life for yourself and your family. You will receive the training, attention, and assistance you need to return either to school or the workforce. Getting life back to normal and jumping back on track isn't impossible without a little bit of action, hard work, and help.

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