Quiz: Am I Addicted to Meth?

This meth addiction assessment features 19 Yes or No questions. Read each question carefully. If your answer to the question is "Yes", check the box. If your answer to the question is "No", do not check the box.

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Meth Addiction Quiz

Am I Addicted to Meth?

If you use methamphetamine (crystal meth, ice, shabu) on a regular basis, it's possible that you're addicted. However, it can be tough to distinguish whether you're a meth addict or if you have your meth use under control.

We've designed a meth addiction assessment to help you determine whether or not you have a problem with drug use. Our free online questionnaire will give us the chance to find out about your drug habit. Then, we can tell you whether we think that your crystal meth use is a problem that needs to be treated.

The reality is, however, that using crystal meth in any capacity is quite dangerous. Methamphetamine is a heavily addictive drug that carries a high risk of overdose. If the thought that you might be addicted or dependent on meth ever crosses your mind, we recommend that you fill out the free questionnaire below. It is an opportunity for you to identify a potentially dangerous problem before it gets worse.