Quiz: Am I A Heroin Addict?

This quiz is comprised of Yes or No questions. Read each question carefully before answering. If your answer to the question is "Yes", check the box. If your answer to the question is "No", do not check the box.

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Heroin Addiction Quiz

Heroin Abuse Treatment in Colorado State

If you're a casual or regular heroin user, you might be asking "Am I addicted to heroin?". This quiz is intended to help you answer that question.

Oftentimes, people who use heroin think that their drug use isn't a problem. They think that "addiction" is something that only happens to other people and that they could quit any day if they want to. If you are in fact hooked on heroin, it's important for you to get help for your addiction. Heroin abuse is a serious problem that can lead to severe consequences.

Take a second to fill out this free heroin addiction questionnaire to find out if your drug use is something to worry about.