Best Choice for Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Parker, Colorado

Essentials for Alcohol and Drug Treatment in Parker, Colorado

There is no doubt that drug or alcohol addiction is a growing affliction, and this trend extends across all age groups, from middle childhood to advanced old age. Alcoholism or drug addiction is best understood as a disease. For this reason, the only real way to combat drug or alcohol addiction is to enter a program for drug rehab or alcohol rehab in Parker, Colorado.

Of course, everyone is different in their addiction, and people will differ in what they need from drug or alcohol treatment in Parker Colorado. For example, cocaine rehab in Parker might not necessarily be similar to the treatment for prescription drug rehab in Parker because the patterns of addiction are different. Still, there are certain basic essential elements that should be in any treatment program that claims to provide drug or alcohol rehab in Parker, Colorado.

One essential element is excellent health care. This includes both physical and mental health. The treatment program should have clear goals for how physical health is going to be assessed and maintained. For example, previous physical conditions, like heart conditions or diabetes, must be monitored carefully throughout any drug or alcohol treatment in Parker, Colorado. Steps to support physical health are particularly important during drug detox in Parker or alcohol detox in Parker, which typically involves symptoms of withdrawal.

Additionally, the program should have clear treatment plans for how mental health is going to be addressed. For example, the program should specify the type of addiction counseling, or addiction therapy. Ideally, the program should have a team of trained professionals, with the individual members providing specific expertise in different areas, like addiction counseling and post-traumatic stress disorders such as EMDR. The integration of treatment strategies is always essential when considering drug or alcohol rehab in Parker, Colorado.

Social support is the second necessary ingredient for successful alcohol or drug rehab in Parker, Colorado. Sobriety is not a journey that can be achieved alone. Without the social support, the person will find it immeasurably harder to maintain clean living. Because of this, the program for alcohol detox in Parker or drug detox in Parker needs to have opportunities to form new associations, chances to repair and regrow familial relationships, prospects to start a new life without the use of drugs or alcohol. The program also needs to provide after-care, social support, so that the person can learn to manage any addiction cravings she or he might experience.

Finally, the program must allow for the individual's needs. This is more than simply the type of drug or alcohol addiction. Certainly someone with alcoholism may need different treatment than someone who is in need of heroin treatment in Parker, Colorado. But there are other individual differences that are also important. For example, the religious or spiritual beliefs of the person may preclude eating certain foods, or engaging in certain activities at different times of the year.

Like religion, people also vary in their preferences for living space. Some people enjoy 'rooming' with another person, and thrive in warmth that communal living can offer. Other people prefer being able to retreat to a more private space, although joining in group activities. Ideally, people should pick the accommodation option that best suits them.

AspenRidge Recovery for Drug Rehab in Parker, Colorado

AspenRidge Recovery offers comprehensive treatment for alcohol and drug rehab in Parker, Colorado. The treatment combines the 12 step program with a variety of other therapeutic models and techniques, to address the underlying issues for the drug addiction or alcoholism. The staff are highly experienced and skilled professionals in the areas of addiction counseling, substance abuse addiction therapy, individual therapy and group therapy. The professional staff understand how to support the person through the physical and mental problems of withdrawal, and help the person find new strategies for dealing with stressors, such as the management of chronic pain. There is also an emphasis on addressing any co-occurring mental health problems a person might have, such as anxiety, depression or trauma.

The physical setting of AspenRidge Recovery assures people a safe and secure space in which they can begin to take steps towards abstinence and sobriety. The use of specific techniques, like relaxation and EMDR, in combination with the natural beauty of the physical setting, presents the individual with the best environment to better understand his or her drug addiction, and the changes that need to happen in order to lead a sober life. AspenRidge Recovery offers the very best care, knowledge and skill for anyone needing help in getting alcohol or drug rehab in Parker, Colorado.