Outpatient Drug Rehab in Morrison, CO: It's Time to Think About Addiction Recovery

For just a moment, think back to the very first time you used drugs. Maybe you were a high school student who was just experimenting, or giving in to peer pressure. Or, it's possible that you were an adult, and when the opportunity presented itself, you chose to use because you needed to relieve stress. Regardless of why you started using drugs, now that you're addicted, you keep thinking about ways that you can stop using.

Here at AspenRidge Recovery, we've had the opportunity to help so many people who have gone through similar challenges, and they've all struggled with various types of drug addictions. Choosing an outpatient drug rehab offers you the chance to participate in a flexible recovery program that will allow you to leave your addiction behind.

You may have a lot of questions about what it will mean if you choose to go to an outpatient rehab. You may be wondering:

  • Is outpatient substance abuse treatment expensive?
  • How can I find out how much my health insurance company will pay for outpatient addiction treatment?
  • Is an IOP Program the right option for me?
  • Statistically, is there a need for outpatient drug rehab in Morrison, Colorado?
  • How can I find an outpatient drug rehab near me?

Getting the answers to these and other questions you may have is so important because doing so will allow you to make the right decision for your recovery and your future.

How Expensive is it to go to Outpatient Drug Rehab Centers in Morrison, Colorado?

It's possible that although you may have considered getting help for your addiction in the past, you decided against it because of the costs associated with outpatient drug rehab centers. Only just a few short years ago, a large number of people who needed addiction treatment had to pay for it out of their own pockets. For most of them, their health insurance companies didn't cover it because it was seen as elective care.

That has changed significantly over the past few years, and because of new healthcare laws in our country, your health insurance company is now required to help you pay for substance abuse treatment.

Will My Health Insurance Company Cover Drug Counseling Near Me in Morrison, CO?

Your health insurance company will help you pay for drug counseling in an outpatient addiction treatment program, but it's important to find one that will participate with your insurance provider. This isn't always as easy as it might seem because not all outpatient rehab centers participate with every insurance company. You should be able to tell just by looking at their website, and this will help to lower or even eliminate your out of pocket costs.

Once you've chosen a facility, contact them for an intake over the phone. The person you speak with should be able to talk with you about your addiction history and recommend the method of treatment that's right for you. Then, he or she will take down your health insurance information and contact them about your benefits.

How do I Know if Intensive Outpatient Therapy in Morrison, CO is Right for Me?

It's not uncommon for some people to be unsure about whether or not an intensive outpatient therapy program (or IOP program) is the right way for them to receive drug treatment. You are an excellent candidate for an IOP program if you:

  • Need a flexible option for substance abuse treatment
  • Work a full time or part time job that won't allow you to have time off to go to inpatient care
  • Go to school and desire to finish your degree while getting addiction treatment
  • Have a family at home who needs you to care for them
  • Have other responsibilities that prevent you from going to inpatient treatment

There are so many great outpatient drug rehab centers in Morrison, Colorado, and AspenRidge Recovery is considered to be one of them. Intensive outpatient therapy gives you the opportunity to get the help you need while continuing to meet your obligations and responsibilities.

Do the Statistics Indicate a Need for Outpatient Rehab Centers in Morrison, Colorado?

Morrison, Colorado might be a smaller community with it's population of 15,000 people, but the drug problem there is just as serious as it is in other cities in the state. In fact:

  • Almost 1,400 people in Morrison admit to being addicted to at least one type of drug
  • More than 200 people say that they regularly drink alcohol while consuming drugs simultaneously
  • Almost 200 people in Morrison, Colorado admit to being addicted to cocaine or crack cocaine
  • Heroin use has increased in Morrison over the last year, with almost 200 people admitting to a heroin addiction
  • Prescription medication addiction in Morrison has increased as well, and there are more than 300 people there who suffer from this type of addiction

It's clear that if you're addicted to drugs, and you reside in this beautiful city, you are certainly not alone in your addiction struggles. However, you don't have to continue to suffer in silence. Help is available for you, and outpatient substance abuse treatment may be the key to your recovery.

The Best Outpatient Treatment Programs in Morrison, CO: AspenRidge Recovery

There are so many factors that go into choosing among the many outpatient treatment programs in Morrison, Colorado. You want to be sure the one you choose is conveniently located, and you want them to be able to help you with your addiction. At AspenRidge Recovery, we have a high success rate compared with other outpatient drug rehab centers in Colorado, and we're committed to providing you with excellent outpatient rehab that meets your unique needs.

Are you ready to get started with outpatient drug rehab? We can help you begin the process of your addiction recovery. Please contact us right away.