Windsor, CO's Alcohol and Drug Addiction Resources

Windsor, Colorado is a lovely town in Northern Colorado, 59 miles from Denver.

It's considered one of the best and safest cities in Colorado, and it is growing in population every year. As of 2010, the population was 18,644. New estimates bring the current resident count to over 22,000. It's main zip codes are 80528, 80550 and 80551.

Does Windsor, Colorado Have Addiction Resources?

Anyone struggling with addiction understands the need to find local, dependable resources to combat their addiction. Windsor, CO knows the need for immediate drug resources in the city and state-wide. In 2015, 329 people in Colorado died from opioid use (both prescription and illicit opioids). The opioid epidemic along with rising rates of marijuana abuse among teens and adults are just two reasons addiction resources are a benefit to the people of Colorado.

Alcohol use is another problem. According to the Denver Post, “Nearly half of Coloradans ages 18 to 25 reported binge drinking in the past month, at 47.5 percent of the population, compared with 41.4 percent nationwide.” These numbers are staggering, and they bring attention to the drug and alcohol problems that exist in Colorado.

Alcoholics Anonymous in Windsor

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), is an international alcohol addiction recovery program for men and women. There is no age or education requirement, though some meetings are noted to be geared toward certain demographics among the members. The group's recovery program is guided by “The Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.”

These Twelve Steps are a “group of principles, spiritual in their nature, which, if practiced as a way of life, can expel the obsession to drink and enable the sufferer to become happily and usefully whole.” Windsor, CO has many alcohol support groups in town for those struggling with alcoholism.

Monday 12:00 PM AA Meeting
AA Recovery Group of Windsor
Bethel Lutheran Church
328 Walnut St.

Monday 7:30 PM AA Meeting
Windsor Triangle Group
First Christian Church of Windsor
530 Walnut Street

Tuesday 8:30 AM AA Meeting
Windsor Women Unite
1450 Westwood Dr.

Wednesday 12:00 PM AA Meeting
AA Recovery Group of Windsor
Bethel Lutheran Church
328 Walnut St.

Thursday 7:30 PM AA Meeting
Windsor Triangle Group
First Christian Church of Windsor
530 Walnut St.

Friday 8:30 AM AA Meeting
Windsor Women Unite
1450 Westwood Dr.

Friday 7:00 PM AA Meeting
AA Recovery Group of Windsor
Bethel Lutheran Church
328 Walnut St.
(Meets ONLY on the 2nd Friday of the Month)

You can find more Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in Windsor, CO on the online Northern ColoradoAA Directory. And visit theofficial AA site for more information on the program.

Local Al Anon Meetings in Windsor, Colorado

Al-Anon is a mutual support group for people affected by another's alcohol use. This kind of group support is often used by children and spouses of alcoholics. It's a great addiction resource in Windsor, CO for families of addicts. Members are not given nor do they give direction or advice to others. They share personal experiences and anecdotes to learn from each other.

Meetings are held locally to encourage members to meet others in the community. Personal contact is essential to the healing process. TheAl Anon Family Groups website has many resources.

Wednesday 6:30 PM Al-Anon
Open Share Focus
Family Meeting
First Christian Church of Windsor
530 Walnut St.

Opioid Addiction Resources in Windsor, Colorado

In Colorado, those at the most risk of opioid overdoses are males between the ages of 25 and 64. For heroin-related deaths, the age margin is reduced to the ages 25 to 34. Those in poverty are also more likely to experience a drug overdose. There are plenty of Narcotics Anonymous meetings in the Windsor, Loveland and Fort Collins area:

Sunday 9:00 AM NA Meeting
Live Machine
102 E 3rd St, at the Unity Club
Loveland, CO

Sunday 6:00 PM NA Meeting
Sunday Night Live
102 E 3rd St, at the Unity Club
Loveland, CO

Sunday 7:00 PM NA Meeting
Freed from Insanity
3448 N Taft Ave
Loveland, CO

Sunday 7:00 PM NA Meeting
Fun Addicts
220 E. Oak St.
Fort Collins, CO

Monday 7:00 PM NA Meeting
Monday Night Live
102 E 3rd St, at the Unity Club
Loveland, CO

Tuesday 7:00 PM NA Meeting
Recovery SWAG'D out
220 E. Oak, Street
Fort Collins, CO

Wednesday 6:00 PM NA Meeting
Addicts Seeking Sanity
3800 West 20th Street
Greeley, CO

Thursday 7:00 PM NA Meeting
Miracle On Oak Street
220 E. Oak St
Fort Collins, CO

Friday 7:30 PM NA Meeting
Free at Last Group
1600 Fish Hatchery Road
Estes Park, CO

Saturday 7:30 PM NA Meeting
Saturday Night Live
102 E 3rd St, at the Unity Club.
Loveland, CO

You can find more local Windsor, CO Narcotics Anonymous meetingshere.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Support for Teens in Windsor

With the legality of marijuana in Colorado, the drug use in the state is changing. Although adults are legally able to obtain and ingest marijuana, teens are not.

“The 2014 Colorado Child Health Survey provides the following new data findings on children exposed to marijuana in the home:

  • Of children ages 1-14, 3.9% live in homes where marijuana had recently been used inside.
  • Of parents with children ages 1-14: 6.9% report having marijuana in or around the home. 71.3% of those with marijuana in the home kept it locked away.
  • Of parents reporting recent marijuana use inside the home: 76.4% said marijuana was smoked. 38.5% said marijuana was vaporized 14.2% said marijuana was eaten.”

Current medical research discourages teens from using marijuana because, like other drugs, it can negatively impact brain development. Near Windsor, Colorado there a couple Nar-Anon meetings for those struggling with narcotics abuse. Since Fort Collins is very close to Windsor, some may benefit from the wider range of addiction resources available there.

Wednesday 12:00 PM Nar-Anon Meeting
Trinity Lutheran Church
301 East Stuart Street
Fort Collins, Colorado 80525

Saturday 7:00 PM Nar-Anon Meeting
Triangle Club
1117 Kimbark Street
Longmont, Colorado 80501

For teens that struggle with drinking problems, Al-Anon is an appropriate support group. For teens who live with problem drinkers, Alateen (a part of Al-Anon), is a fellowship of young adult members. Teens are sponsored by Al-Anon members for guidance. The purpose of the meetings is to:

  • Share experiences to impart strength on other members
  • Discuss struggles
  • Learn to cope in a healthy way
  • Encourage other members
  • Learn the principles of the Al-Anon program
  • Learn to use the 12 Steps

Online Support Groups for Addicts in Windsor, CO

Although there are many local options, online support groups are a great way to interact with the community while home or in the office. Learn more about these remote addiction support groups.

Getting Help for Your Co-occurring Disorder While in Recovery

For those also struggling with a co-occurring disorder such as mental illness, getting a diagnosis is crucial. Co-occurring disorders must be treated alongside addiction for recovery to take place. Seeing inpatient care or visiting a therapist is a great first step to getting the help you or a loved one needs.

The Help You Need at AspenRidge Recovery

If your addiction has brought you to a dark place you can't free yourself from, it's time to get professional help. AspenRidge Recovery gives you the help you need, along with medical care. Contact us today.