Resources For Addicts And Alcoholics In Erie, Colorado

Erie, Colorado Needs Resources For Drug Addicts and Alcoholics

Erie (ZIP 80516) s a small, but rapidly growing, town in Boulder and Weld counties in Colorado. From a population of just 6,291 in the year 2000, Erie's population now stands at 18,135.

With a bigger population comes bigger changes, both the good and the bad. Erie's increasing population has led to an increase in drug addiction.

Does Erie Have Resources For Drug Addicts And Alcoholics?

Erie, with a population that has exploded much faster than the community expected, has not yet been able to accommodate all the changes that have accompanied this growth spurt. As such, there are few resources available in the town of Erie itself - but there are many resources available within a half-hour's drive in the cities of Boulder and Longmont. Erie is close to Alcoholic's Anonymous, Narcotic's Anonymous, Alateen and Alanon meetings.

Alcoholic's Anonymous Meetings Near Erie, Colorado

There are Alcoholic's Anonymous meetings - support groups for recovering alcoholics and their families that guide them through the 12 step program - close to Erie, though none in its direct jurisdiction. The closest meetings are as follows:

The Women 's Big Book Study in Boulder has meetings for females.
Tuesday 6:45 AM (3180 Airport Rd, 80301)
Sunday 6:00 PM (3700 Baseline Rd, 80303)

Eye Openers in Boulder (5375 Western Ave 80301) has meetings for both gender
Monday 7:00 AM
Tuesday 7:00 AM
Wednesday 7:00 AM
Thursday 7:00 AM
Friday 7:00 AM
Saturday 8:00 AM
Sunday 9:00 AM

The Longmont Triangle Club, in Longmont, (1117 Kimbark St, 80501) has meetings for men and women, 7 days a week, through different organizations.
Rude Awakening offers meetings at the club 7 days a week at 7:00 AM.
Between The Tracks offers meetings Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12:00 PM.

Here's a printable list of nearby AA meetings.

Narcotics Anonymous Meetings Held Near Erie, Colorado

Similar to A.A meetings, N.A. meetings are support groups that help drug addicts rehabilitate back into society. Addicts in Erie must look in the nearby towns to find them.

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church in Boulder (3700 Baseline Road, 80303) offers N.A. meetings Monday through Friday at 12;00 PM.

TheLongmont Triangle Club (1117 Kimbark St, 80503) has N.A. meetings for both men and at the following times:
Monday 8:30 PM
Wednesday 7:00 PM
Saturday 7:00 PM

Here's a printable list of N.A. meetings near Erie.

Alanon Meetings Held Near Erie, Colorado

Alanon was built around the idea of ensuring alcoholics and their families have a resourceful, dependable foundation to work through their addictions. While there are no meetings in Erie, Colorado, the closest Alanon meetings are as follows.

The Boulder Unity Church, at 2855 Folsom St in Boulder (80304)
Mon at 1:30 PM
Wed at 12:00 PM
Fri at 1:30 PM

The First Evangelical Church in Longmont
Sun at 6:30 PM
Wed at 7:00 PM
Thu at 7:30 PM
Fri at 12:00 PM

Here's a complete list of Alanon meetings near Erie.

Alateen Meetings Held Near Erie, Colorado

Youth facing addiction can be a very traumatic experience - for the youth, and for their family and loved ones. Alateen meetings help youth struggling with addiction overcome their problems. The closest Alateen meeting near Erie, Colorado, is here:

Fairview High School, (1515 Greenbriar Road, 80305) in Boulder.
Thu at 11:20 AM

Here's a complete list of Alateen meetings in Colorado.

Free Or Affordable Rehab Near Erie, Colorado

A lot of addicts are unable to receive treatment since the cost is so high. Mental Health Partners is an association that offers free-to-low-cost treatment in Colorado. They have treatment centers in Longwood and Boulder.

There are other ways to help with rehab expenses in Colorado, but here are a list of nearby, affordable rehabs near Erie.

St. Vrain Community Hub, a part of Mental Health Partners, can be found on the 2nd and 3rd floors of 529 Coffman St. In Longmont. (80503)

The 24 hour Walk-In Center & Crisis / Addictions Services facility is located at 3180 Airport Road, in Boulder. (80301)

The Ryan Wellness Center, at 1000 Alpine Ave, in Boulder, offers cost-effective treatment for alcoholics and drug addicts. (80303)

Online Meetings And Support Groups

If meeting face-to-face isn't your thing, there are a few associations that offer online meetings and therapy sessions.

SMART Recovery is often considered the most popular alternative to A.A. and N.A. meetings in Colorado, particularly for agnostics and atheists who don't want to follow the Christian-based 12-step program. Register at SMART Recovery to see what they have to offer.

A.A. Online is a non-for-profit group that is assembled with the intention of offering online chat groups for alcoholics who wish to recover. There are no fees and no requirements to join, but the program is not officially endorsed by A.A. Of America.

Erie's Drug And Alcohol Rehabilitation Facilities Are Within Reach

While Erie itself doesn't have a great selection of rehabilitative options, the nearby cities do. A determined addict can easily make the journey out of town to schedule meetings regularly or apply for an inpatient facility. If these options aren't suited for you, you might want to look more into which of the best rehab in Colorado could support for you or your loved ones.