Affordable Support Resources For Addiction In Edgewater, Colorado

What Sort Of Treatment Is Available For Addicts In Edgewater, CO?

Edgewater is a small town of just over 5,000 people, tucked in between the cities of Denver, Wheat Ridge, and Lakewood. Edgewater's close relationship with marijuana has helped the community turn away from hard drugs, but there are still issues of addiction - to alcohol, to marijuana, and to hard drugs.

Statistics show that Edgewater's rate of addiction is roughly equal, if not higher, than the national average.

  • 38% of Edgewater's teens have smoked marijuana.
  • 10% of Edgewater's small population has an addiction problem.
  • About a third
  • Nearly 82% of Edgewater's population has abused prescription drugs at some point.

What Are Edgewater's Addiction Resources?

Despite the steep statistics, Edgewater's immediate rehabilitation and addiction support is minimal. There are support groups available, but only through Edgewater's only local rehab facility.

Evergreen Drug & Alcohol Rehab is the leading addiction resource in the city of Edgewater. Evergreen Rehab offers inpatient, long-term care and intervention to alcoholics and drug addicts alike.

The itinerary in many of Evergreen Rehab's recovery programs include counseling, group therapy, and introduction to the 12-step program.

Where Can I Find Help For Addiction Near Edgewater?

Since Edgewater lacks ample resources for fighting addiction, a drug user or alcoholic may need to seek support in the surrounding districts. Since Edgewater is practically a suburb of Denver and other connected cities - Wheat Ridge and Lakewood - other options are available within a very reasonable distance.

Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings Near Edgewater

Alcoholics Anonymous is a support group for recovering alcoholics. Edgewater has no Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, but the nearby city of Golden has meetings at the following times and places:

Day Time Group Name Address
Sunday 06:00 PM Golden #1 1500 Ford St. (Ch)
Sunday 07:30 PM Golden #1 1500 Ford St. (Ch)
Monday 07:00 AM Golden Sunrise 1320 Arapahoe St. (Ch)
Monday 06:00 PM Daily Reprieve 17701 W. 16th (Ch)
Tuesday 06:00 PM Daily Reprieve 17701 W. 16th (Ch)
Tuesday 07:00 PM Golden Gates 25201 Golden Gate Canyon Rd.
Tuesday 07:30 PM Grateful in Genesee 17 S. Mt. Vernon Country Club Rd. (Ch)
Wednesday 07:00 AM Golden Sunrise 1320 Arapahoe St. (Ch)
Wednesday 07:30 PM Golden #1 1500 Ford St. (Ch)
Thursday 06:30 PM Golden Sober Sisters 1500 Ford St. (Ch 2nd Fl, 90 mins)
Thursday 07:00 PM A Step Beyond 1500 Ford St.(Ch)
Friday 06:00 PM Daily Reprieve 17701 W. 16th (Ch)
Saturday 09:00 AM Golden Sober Sisters 1500 Ford St. (Ch 2nd Fl, 90 mins)

You can find other A.A. Meetings in Colorado here.

Al-Anon Meetings Near Edgewater, Colorado

Alanon meetings are support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous, but Alanon is more for people whose lives have been effected negatively by other people's drinking. The closest to Edgewater are:

Day At A Time Clubhouse, Lakewood, CO
Sun 7:00 PM
Tue 7:00 PM
Wed 7:15 PM
Fri 2:00 PM
Sat 10:15AM, 4:00 PM

Nuevo Amanecer, Wheat Ridge, CO
Wed 6:30 PM

Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Wheat Ridge, CO
Tue 7:00 PM
Fri 12:00 PM
Sat 10:00 AM

Here's a list of all the Al-anon meetings in Colorado.

Narcotics Anonymous Meetings Near Edgewater

Narcotics Anonymous meetings help with rehabilitating drug addicts and returning them to sobriety. They offer group counseling and guidance through the 12-step program. Edgewater has N.A. meetings here:

Blues Breakers, Lakewood CO
Sun 9:30 PM
Mon 9:30 PM
Tue 9:30 PM
Wed 9:30 PM
Thu 9:30 PM
Fri 9:30 PM
Sat 9:30 PM

This list has all the N.A. Meetings in Colorado, if these nearby ones are not convenient.

Alateen Meetings Near Edgewater, CO

Alateen is a support group for the families of young addicts. The closest meeting is in Arvada. This list has all the Alateen meetings in Colorado.

Does Edgewater Have Cheap Rehab Treatments?

Sadly, aside from its lone rehab facility, Edgewater doesn't have a lot of options for addiction recovery services. Fortunately, due to the town's small size and close proximity to other cities, addiction support is well within driving distance.

Free Addiction Treatment Near Edgewater, CO

Mile High Council on Substance Abuse and Mental Health Step Forward - Denver, CO
Offers outpatient treatment to adolescents and adults, does not discriminate based on age, gender, or sexuality.

ARTS University of CO Health Science Center
Offers an outpatient rehabilitation program for both men and woman suffering from co-occurring mental illness and addiction issues.

A Woman's Way To Recovery
Offers free rehabilitation to female drug addicts, counseling, therapy, outpatient detoxing.

Online Meetings And Support Groups

If meeting face-to-face isn't your thing, there are a few associations that offer online meetings and therapy sessions.

SMART Recovery is often considered the most popular alternative to A.A. and N.A. meetings in Colorado, particularly for agnostics and atheists who don't want to follow the Christian-based 12-step program. Register at SMART Recovery to see what they have to offer.

A.A. Online is a non-for-profit group that is assembled with the intention of offering online chat groups for alcoholics who wish to recover. There are no fees and no requirements to join, but the program is not officially endorsed by A.A. Of America.

Resources For Drug Addicts Near Edgewater Are Plentiful

While Edgewater itself doesn't have a significant number of rehabilitation facilities due to its size, it is very close to the support programs and groups listed above - and more. An online detox and rehab specialist group can help you locate the most appropriate rehab facility for you and your loved ones.