Addiction Resources in Boulder, Colorado

Boulder, Colorado is located in Boulder County. It is the county seat and the most populous city in the county. In fact, it is the 11th most populous city in the state of Colorado. In 2010, there were more than 97,000 people who called Boulder their home. 

Boulder is located 25 miles northwest of the capital city of Denver. It is known for its interesting western history. The University of Colorado is located in Boulder as well, which is the state’s largest university. Boulder is known for its high ranks in health, education and overall quality of life. 

Boulder Rehab Resources

Boulder, Colorado Alcohol and Drug Addiction 

Boulder, Colorado is a beautiful city with an ever-expanding economy. It seems like a wonderful place to make your home. However, if you are battling an addiction, life in Boulder is probably anything but wonderful. You may be facing challenges day after day. You may even have lost hope, thinking that there’s no way you can recover. 

So many people the exact same way that you do. We want you to know that there is a way for you to get help. In fact, there are many addiction resources available to you in Boulder, Colorado. We’d like to take a moment and talk about what those resources are.

What is Narcotics Anonymous?

Narcotics Anonymous is an organization that was created to help drug addicts with recovering from addiction. They are based on a model of group therapy, and they hold meetings on a weekly basis.

Participants are able to come to NA meetings at no charge to them. They’re invited to listen as other share their stories, or they can share their own stories. These meetings are inviting and welcoming to anyone who has a drug addiction. Family members are also welcome to attend.

Narcotics Anonymous Meetings in Boulder

There are many NA meetings in Boulder, Colorado for you to choose from. Some of these include:

Sundays at 1pm
Weekend Warriors
St. Andrew Presbyterian Church
3700 Baseline Rd.
Boulder, Colorado

Mondays at 7pm
Free Today
Ambulance Building
1750 Egbert St.
Brighton, Colorado

Tuesdays at 7pm
So Fresh & So Clean
Har Harshem, South Building
3901 Pinon Dr.
Boulder, Colorado

Wednesdays at 7pm
When at the End of the Road
Addiction Recovery Center
3180 Airport Rd.
Boulder, Colorado

Thursdays at 7pm
It Works
Pine St. Church
1237 Pine St.
Boulder, Colorado

Fridays at 6:30pm
The Ties That Bind
Brunner Farmhouse
640 Main St.
Broomfield, Colorado

Saturdays at 10am
Kings of Recovery
Calvary Bible Church, North Entrance
3245 Kalmia Ave.
Boulder, Colorado

What is Alcoholics Anonymous?

Alcoholics Anonymous is often known by just AA. AA is an organization that was built to help alcoholics remain in recovery. It has been around for several decades and has helped many alcoholics stop drinking.

AA meetings are available for anyone wishing to attend. The only requirement is that you have stopped drinking alcohol. There are no fees to become an AA member. Some AA members will attend multiple meetings per week; especially early on in their recoveries.

Boulder, CO AA Meetings

There are many AA meetings in Boulder, Colorado for you to choose from. If you don’t see one that fits your schedule, there are many others. Finding an AA meeting near you might be just what you need to find support to stop drinking.

Some Boulder, Colorado AA meetings include:

Sundays at 8am
11th Step Meeting
5375 Western Ave.
Boulder, Colorado

Mondays at 12:30pm
Primary Purpose
3180 Airport Rd.
Boulder, Colorado

Tuesdays at Noon
Living the Solution
St. Andrews Church
3700 Baseline Ave.
Boulder, Colorado

Wednesdays at 9am
UMC Room
1669 Euclid Ave.
Boulder, Colorado

Thursdays at 7pm
Campus Group
Crestview Church
3545 Madison Ave.
Boulder, Colorado

Fridays at 9:30am
No Excuses
St. Ambrose Episcopal Church
7520 S. Boulder Rd.
Boulder, Colorado

Saturdays at 7pm
Pine Street Group
1st Congregational Church
1128 Pine St.
Boulder, Colorado

Get Support Online for Your Addiction

Even if you decide to go to AA or NA, you may find that you still need additional support. It’s also possible that you’re not able to make it to any in-person meetings. If this is the case for you, you still need to know that you can get help. 

There are many online support groups available to you for addiction recovery. These and other groups can be a wonderful resource for you going forward. 

Therapy Tribe – Therapy Tribe offers many different ways for you to connect with other people in recovery. They have a social media platform that makes it easy to meet people you identify with. You can also connect with others through their website. 

SMART Recovery – SMART Recovery is an organization designed to offer you ways to create changes in your life. Their methods are proven, so you know that they work. You can also connect with others in recovery through their website. 

Daily Strength – Daily Strength offers recovering addicts an easy way to find people with similar addictions. They offer support groups and opportunities to meet with others in their online groups. 

If you’re like most people, there may be just one question on your mind – How do I cover the cost of addiction treatment in Boulder? If that is something you’ve been wondering, we’d like to help you get some answers. 

What you may not know or realize is that your health insurance may assist you with this. By law, all health insurance policies are required to provide coverage for substance abuse treatment. This means that you have these benefits in your policy right now. You may not have known because this hasn’t always been the case. 

If you do not have health insurance, you can easily apply for a policy. Simply visit to create an account and find the right insurance policy for you.

Free Boulder Addiction Treatment Options

You may be interested in knowing that there are ways to obtain free addiction treatment in Boulder. According to SAMHSA, there are many grants given to certain drug and alcohol rehabs each year. These grants are for patients who aren’t able to afford professional treatment. 

This might be something for you to look into further. Free drug and alcohol rehab might change everything for you, and allow you to get treatment. There are many different types of programs that may qualify. These include inpatient and outpatient treatment, as well as drug and alcohol detox.

Al-Anon Meetings for Families of Addicts in Boulder

 The families of addicts need assistance too. If that’s you, then you understand how difficult it is. You need a place you can go to talk with others who know what you’re going through. That is why there is Al-Anon. 

There are many Al-Anon meetings in Boulder, Colorado. Some of these include the following:

Sundays at 9am
Sunday Pizzazz AFG
Boulder Community Hospital Medical Pavilion
1155 Alpine Ave.
Boulder, Colorado

Mondays at Noon
KIS Keep It Simple AFG
St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church
3700 Baseline Rd.
Boulder, Colorado

Wednesdays at Noon
Experience, Strength and Hope AFG
Friends Meeting House
1825 Upland Ave.
Boulder, Colorado

Fridays at Noon
PALS – People Accepting Love & Serenity AFG
Boulder Unity Church
2855 Folsom St.
Boulder, Colorado

Alateen Meetings are Available in Boulder, CO 

Alateen meetings are basically Al-Anon meetings for teenagers or older children. Of course, anyone is able and welcome to attend Al-Anon at any time. However, sometimes teenagers feel more comfortable meeting with people their own age. At these meetings, teenagers feel more free to talk about the issues they’re facing. They may share, or they may simply listen to others as they share their stories. 

There are several Alateen meetings available in the Boulder, Colorado area.

Mondays at 7pm
Serenity Alateen
Spirit of Christ Catholic Church
7400 W. 80th Ave.
Arvada, Colorado

Tuesdays at 7:30pm
Tuesday Teens
St. Luke’s Episcopal Church
145 W. 5th St.
Delta, Colorado

Addiction Treatment Help in Boulder, Colorado is Available to You

If you are an addict living in Boulder, Colorado, please don’t give up hope. Whether you wrestle with drug addiction or alcoholism, you can find the help you need to stop.

It’s true that recovering from addiction might be one of the most difficult things you ever do. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Each year, thousands of people find the strength to recover from their addictions. This could be the year you become one of them.

At AspenRidge Recovery, we know that you’re facing a trying time in your life. We’re here to assist you with drug rehab or alcohol rehab, depending on your needs. It’s so important for you to know that you’re not alone. The help you need is available right now. 

Are you seeking addiction treatment or addiction resources in Boulder, Colorado? Find out how we can help you by contacting us today.