Why Those Who Identify as LGBTQ May Be More Prone to Addiction

The percentage of people who struggle with addiction, and who identify as a part of the LGBTQ community is actually much higher than the general population. In fact, statistics indicate that between twenty to thirty percent of these individuals are currently battling addiction, as opposed to about nine percent within the general population. The question is, why is this the case? What is it that differentiates this community so much that it leads to them seeking out substances as a solution?

It's possible that you are someone who identifies as a member of the LGBTQ community, and you're also addicted to drugs or alcohol. Or maybe you know someone who is. Here at AspenRidge Recovery, we want to help you understand why addiction is such a serious problem for the people who fall into this category.

It is our goal to do our part to help you, as well as others, regardless of their sexual orientation. However, in order to do that, there are some significant changes that need to be made.

Let's talk about the three main reasons experts cite for why the LGBTQ community has such a higher rate of addiction.

Addiction Treatment Colorado: Discrimination in the LGBTQ Community

People within the LGBTQ community are minorities, and because of this, there is still a great deal of social prejudice for them to deal with and encounter. A quick glance at any newspaper or news website will tell you that the battle for equality for this group of people is far from over, and discrimination is a very real problem for them. These negative effects that they encounter day in and day out lead to stress, and that stress can be triggered very quickly. All across the country, there are even discriminatory laws and policies that can make it difficult for them to live any type of normal life.

As you probably know, discrimination comes in many forms. Social prejudice is rarely cut and dry, and those who discriminate do it because they believe that being gay or transgendered is wrong. Sometimes people respond with violence, and sometimes this type of discrimination comes in subtle ways, such as what happens when school officials question couples about their roles within a family unit.

Dealing with discrimination on a day to day basis is so difficult, but it's a reality for anyone who is a part of the LGBTQ community. It's understandable how that type of stress can lead to using drugs or alcohol on a regular basis as a way to escape; even if it's just temporary.

Drug Rehab for Gays and Lesbians: Targeted Marketing Efforts

Because discrimination is so prevalent, members of the LGBTQ community sought out places where they could go and feel safe. It didn't take long for marketers to grab hold of that concept, and they began marketing venues like bars and clubs in a way that would appeal to this particular group of people. Traditionally, bars, clubs and restaurants allow for socialization to occur, and in these environments, people can freely use alcohol and sometimes even drugs. As you can imagine, the amount of substance use in these places is much higher than what you might find elsewhere.

The marketing efforts may be working, but more needs to be done to ensure that everyone has a safe place to go for socialization and entertainment, regardless of their sexual orientation. This change alone could drastically reduce the addiction rate within the LBGTQ community.

The Lack of Good Drug Treatment for those Identifying as LGBTQ in CO

Did you know that gay and lesbian adults are approximately twice as likely to be without health insurance than the general population? Oftentimes, when an individual carries health insurance from his or her employer, that health insurance company does not recognize the individual's partner as being eligible for benefits. For the ones who do provide benefits, the monthly costs are usually much higher than for traditional married couples.

One of the biggest reasons people give for not being able to get drug treatment is because of the costs involved, and for the LGBTQ community, this reason is quite valid.

Getting Addiction Treatment in Colorado for Homosexuals and Heterosexuals at AspenRidge Recovery

Fortunately, our country is in the midst of some great changes when it comes to offering equal opportunities for same-sex couples, and members of the LGBTQ community. The Affordable Care Act does not allow insurance companies to restrict coverage for these individuals, which means that now, more people than ever before can get the addiction treatment they really need.

Here at AspenRidge Recovery, we want you to know that we value all of our patients, regardless of sexual orientation. We want to help you get the drug treatment or alcohol treatment you need here at our Colorado drug rehab facility. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you with your recovery from addiction, please contact us today.