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Addiction is a serious, chronic, life-threatening illness that only gets worse with time. If you struggle with addiction in Lakewood, Colorado, you don't have to suffer alone or in silence. Addiction may be painful, but it's also completely treatable. Seeking treatment now is the best thing you can do to avoid struggling with the pain of addiction for another day.

What is Addiction and Do I Need Drug Rehab in Lakewood, Colorado?

Addiction is not what it appears to be. At first glance, it may look like an addict is willingly choosing to indulge in alcohol and drugs, but nothing could be further from the truth. Addiction is a chronic illness that causes and is caused by specific changes in the brain and body.

A number of risk factors increase your likelihood of developing a drug or alcohol addiction. People whose family members have been addicts are genetically vulnerable, but may also “learn” the addiction from loved ones. Early childhood trauma, a stressful or abusive environment, mental illness, and a history of taking potentially addictive prescription pills also compound the risk. None of these risk factors can make you an addict, though. Instead, the most important risk factor for becoming an addict is using drugs and alcohol.

Some people's bodies simply can't handle drugs or alcohol. When they use these substances, they develop a chemical tolerance that keeps them using. So powerful and dangerous are withdrawal symptoms that addicts are willing to sacrifice just about anything to get more drugs. Not only does addiction undermine your health; it also colors your ability to think clearly, even when you're not high.

How Does Addiction Affect Lakewood, Colorado?

Lakewood, Colorado, with its population of about 142,000, is a suburb of Denver. At first glance, it might seem like a picturesque and perfect mountain town – perhaps the ideal place to start a family. And Lakewood does deliver on family-friendly fun. From civic groups to excellent schools, this gorgeous town boasts an active social life and a family-friendly ambiance.

Lakewood isn't as perfect as it appears to be, though. Fully 15% of residents have struggled with drug or alcohol addiction at some point. Alcohol addiction is by far the most common cause of addictive behavior, with about 20% of people who drink eventually developing a dependency. Almost 90% of residents drink, leaving many vulnerable to the scourge of alcohol addiction. And every year, 90,000 Americans die due to alcoholism and its complications. Alcoholism doesn't just kill addicts, though. It can also kill innocent bystanders; more than 100 people die on Colorado's roads every year due to drunk driving.

Trailing just behind alcohol as a leading source of addiction are prescription pills. These dangerous substances offer hope to those struggling with chronic and life-threatening diseases. But these drugs require a prescription because of their potential to become dangerously addictive. Whether you abuse drugs that you don't need or have gotten hooked on a legitimate medical prescription, you need to know that prescription drugs are no safer than illegal street drugs. In fact, prescription drugs kill more people through overdoses than any other class of drug combined.

In 2012, Coloradoans legalized recreational use of marijuana, making them the first state to do so. The result has been a downturn in drug-related crimes, but there are still concerns about the long-term effects of legalization. About half of Coloradoans have smoked marijuana at least once, and of those, between 5% and 15% will become addicted. Marijuana may be a medical treatment and a source of relaxation, but it's also a powerful and potentially addictive drug.

Addiction in Lakewood is more than just an individual problem, though. Its far-reaching effects extend into the Lakewood community, as well as across international borders. Addicts support organized crime by buying drugs, and help contribute to community blight. Those who use legal drugs can call into question the use and prescription of these drugs, potentially interfering with doctors' ability to prescribe some medications to their patients. Worse still, your use of drugs may affect people in places you've never been, seen, or even heard of. A number of drugs, including marijuana and methamphetamine, help fund international human rights abuses, illegal wars, and even terrorism. Drug rehab in Lakewood is available!

How Can I Tell If I Have an Addiction and Need Drug Rehab in Lakewood, Colorado?

Addiction manifests differently in every addict. Some are completely debilitated by the addiction. Others are able to put on a happy face and appear normal, even as they're suffering inside. The way your addiction looks is dependent on a number of factors, including your overall health, how long you've been using, and what drugs you use.

You cannot use someone else's addiction history as a way to test your own addiction. Your alcoholism might not look like your uncle's or best friend's. And if you're constantly looking for a reason you're not an addict, you'll likely never pursue the treatment you need. Denial is a powerful delusion. And though it might assuage your feelings of misery in the moment, denial will not protect you from the long-term consequence of addiction.

If you think you might be an addict and live in Lakewood, explore these common symptoms of addiction:

  • Physical or psychological withdrawal symptoms when you try to stop using.
  • Difficulty maintaining your relationships with loved ones.
  • Constantly worrying about how and when you'll get your next fix.
  • Breaking the law to get drugs or alcohol.
  • Harming or endangering others to get alcohol or drugs.
  • Operating machinery or driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Experiencing health difficulties because of alcohol or drugs.
  • Losing your savings, job, or financial stability because of your addiction.
  • Difficulty concentrating without alcohol or drugs.
  • Worrying you'll never be able to get or stay sober.
  • Feeling like you can't be yourself without drugs or alcohol.

What Are My Addiction Treatment Options for Drug Rehab in Lakewood, Colorado?

No matter how hopeless you feel right now, there's plenty of hope for recovery. Addicts get clean in a wide variety of ways, so the best bet is to choose a treatment option near Lakewood that feels comfortable and safe for you. Inpatient rehab is the best option, and may be your only viable option if you have a history of mental illness or other co-occurring disorders, if you've relapsed before, or if your home life is so dysfunctional or stressful that getting clean seems impossible. If you think you'd like to give it a try on your own, though, consider implementing one or more of the following strategies. If you later go to rehab, you'll get access to all of these services.

Lakewood Medical Drug Detox and Prescription Drugs

Drug detox in Lakewood is a challenging process – one that can harm your health if you have a long drug abuse history or an underlying medical condition. Consequently, you'll need to consult with your physician before detoxing. Depending on your addiction and overall health, your doctor may prescribe drugs to reduce the severity of detox or help you more effectively manage your alcohol and drug cravings. Your doctor will also discuss your long term health and recovery with you, and may prescribe medications to treat your other medical conditions. If the ideal medication for you is potentially addictive, you and your doctor will work together to evaluate its relative benefits and risks.

Individual and Group Counseling in Colorado

Every addict has a story. In therapy, you get to tell yours. Your therapist will help you explore why you began using alcohol and drugs, then work to help you understand your triggers for ongoing abuse. From there, you'll work to identify and implement healthier coping mechanisms. And when everyday stress tempts you to continue using, your therapist will be there to counsel and coach you without judging you.

Support Groups/12 Step Meetings in Lakewood, Colorado

No person is an island, and support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous remind you that you don't have to fight the battle against drug addiction alone. These 12-step programs help you steadily work toward recovery while encouraging you to make amends to those whom you've hurt and place your faith in a higher power. These programs are free, with meetings occurring at virtually every time of the day. If you prefer a less spiritual approach to recovery, SMART Recovery and Rational Recovery offer similar approaches, but without the Christian dogma.

Family Programs

You'll need your loved ones' support if you want to stay clean, but your family may need some help moving past the pain of your addiction. Family counseling can prove invaluable at helping you put these important relationships back together again. If your loved ones want to learn more about the disease of addiction or get help from others who've been where they are now, they might want to consider joining a Nar-Anon or Al-Anon family support group in Lakewood.

How Can AspenRidge Help Me Overcome Drug and Alcohol Addiction?

Alcohol and drug addiction wreak havoc on your entire life. Tragically, many people in Lakewood still fail to recognize these conditions for the medical ailments they are. This means that many addicts walk through our doors ravaged by guilt and hopeless about their prospects for recovery. Those same addicts leave a few weeks later feeling hopeful, invigorated, and whole. It's what happens in the interim that helps them put the pieces of a painful life back together again.

The process begins with an intake interview, during which we discuss your goals for treatment, your dreams for your life, and the ways in which your addiction has harmed you. This gives us a chance to get to know you, to custom-tailor a treatment plan to your needs, and to identify any special obstacles you face. From there, our dedicated staff of knowledgeable and compassionate addiction experts will help you work steadily toward sobriety. When you're overwhelmed, we'll encourage you, and when you want to give up, we'll remind you that quitting isn't an option. You're fighting the battle of your life, and you can't quit now. Drug rehab in Lakewood in available!

If you're ready to begin anew, to stop the painful cycle of addiction and suffering, to move forward into a better and more fulfilling life, then we honor your courage. We can't wait to meet you and help you. We may not know you yet, but we look forward to getting to know you. Call us now so we can begin helping you today!