How Can Alcohol Rehab and Drug Rehab in Evans, Colorado Help You?

How long have you been struggling with your addiction? Perhaps you've thought about going to alcohol rehab and drug rehab in Evans, Colorado, but you're just not sure. You don't want to do anything that might not work, and you're in need of something you can be sure to help you begin recovering from your addiction. Treatment is available for you, and this isn't a journey you need to take on your own. In fact, many people attempt to quit using on their own only to find themselves relapsing over and over again. When you quit, you want it to be for good, which is why it's an excellent idea to get professional help through alcohol rehab and drug rehab.

Professional drug treatment and alcohol treatment in Evans can assist you with recovery, regardless of whether you're in need of:

  • Marijuana rehab
  • Help with alcoholism
  • Prescription drug rehab
  • Cocaine treatment
  • Heroin treatment
  • Crystal meth rehab

Going through alcohol rehab and drug rehab in Evans is an excellent way for you to overcome your addiction and begin your recovery. There are a few different options that are available to you.

Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Evans, Colorado

When you think about getting substance abuse treatment, like many people, you probably immediately think that you don't have the time for it. You know you need to get help, but going inpatient for drug treatment and alcohol treatment isn't an option for everyone. This is especially true if you work or if you have small children at home who need you to care for them every day. Fortunately, outpatient addiction treatment is one option you have available to you.

When you go to outpatient drug and alcohol rehab you'll find that you're able to fit your substance abuse treatment into your busy schedule. You'll attend 12 step meetings, where you'll meet other people that you can identify with because they're having the same struggles you're having. You'll also have the opportunity to talk with a counselor who can help you get to the root of your addiction so that you can heal in a way that's healthy for you. Some people actually think outpatient addiction treatment is better because it allows you to practice your new skills right away.

Inpatient Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Evans, Colorado

Inpatient drug treatment and alcohol treatment involve you staying at an inpatient facility for a period of time. The length of your stay will vary, depending on your needs, but most people stay for around a month. You'll attend various support groups and attend 12 step meetings as a part of your recovery while you're there. You'll also talk with a therapist about your addiction and learn valuable coping skills that will help you with your recovery. Inpatient treatment is an excellent option for anyone who is able to take the time away from his or her life to participate in an intense recovery program.

Drug Detox and Alcohol Detox in Evans, Colorado

Prior to going to any other type of drug treatment or alcohol treatment in Evans, you might benefit from going through drug detox and alcohol detox first. This will involve you taking medication that will help your body rid itself of those harmful chemicals very quickly. Sometimes it takes a few minutes, and sometimes it takes a few hours. Every person is different, and some people even find that their withdrawal symptoms are minimized with this method. If you do go through withdrawal, because drug detox and alcohol detox are medically supervised, you can take medications that will help to counteract them. When it's over, you'll be assessed for a short period of time, and then you will be able to attend your chosen form of drug rehab and alcohol rehab.

It can often be very helpful to learn more about the various types of addiction treatment that are available to you. Perhaps you've been contemplating the next step you should take as you think about recovering from your addiction. Here at AspenRidge Recovery, we want you to know that we're available to help you. It is a big step you're taking, but it's also an important one for your future.

If you would like more information about our programs here at AspenRidge Recovery, or if you would like to talk with someone in more detail about the treatment options that are available to you, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us.