Are You Considering Alcohol Rehab and Drug Rehab in Erie, Colorado?

Like many people, you've been living with your addiction for a long time. Perhaps you've gone through alcohol rehab and drug rehab in Erie, Colorado in the past, but you weren't successful. It's also possible that this is the first time you've ever considered getting any type of formal addiction treatment. Regardless of what type of addiction you're struggling with, or how long you've been using, the right kind of professional intervention can help you break free.

Drug rehab and alcohol rehab can help you regardless of whether you're in need of:

  • Cocaine rehab
  • Prescription drug treatment
  • Heroin rehab
  • Marijuana rehab
  • Crystal meth treatment
  • Alcoholism treatment

Here at AspenRidge Recovery, we understand how you might be feeling. Your friends and your family members have all been encouraging you to get some type of substance abuse treatment for a long time. It's possible that you've lost your job or even some of your most meaningful relationships because of the powerful hold your addiction has had on your life. You don't have to face this on your own. We're here to help.

Let's start with some information that can assist you with making the decision to get addiction treatment in Erie.

Inpatient Drug Treatment and Alcohol Treatment in Erie, Colorado

Inpatient drug and alcohol treatment is what most people think of when you talk about drug and alcohol rehab. This is a good method of substance abuse treatment for you if you're able to take some time away from other responsibilities for about a month or so. You'll stay at the facility and receive the help you need on a continual basis. Your inpatient alcohol and drug treatment will include meeting with a counselor to talk about the different things that might have led to your addiction. You'll learn some valuable coping skills from your counselor too. In addition, you'll attend 12 step meetings and other types of support groups where you'll discuss your addiction with a group of your peers. Inpatient drug treatment and alcohol treatment is an excellent way for you to begin your recovery.

Outpatient Alcohol Rehab and Drug Rehab in Erie, Colorado

Not everyone is able to go to an inpatient facility for addiction treatment, and that's perfectly fine. Fortunately, outpatient drug treatment and alcohol treatment in Erie can often be just beneficial. It's also quite similar to inpatient care in that you will receive counseling from a professional addictions therapist and you'll also attend 12 step meetings. You might attend other types of support groups too, based on your specific needs. If you have responsibilities that prevent you from going to an inpatient facility, there's no need to worry because this might be the option you've been looking for.

Drug Detox and Alcohol Detox in Erie, Colorado

Prior to going to alcohol and drug rehab in Erie, you might want to consider drug detox and alcohol detox. This is a procedure that can help your body clean itself from any of the substances you've been using, and it's much safer than quitting on your own. It's possible that you have some underlying medical conditions that would even make it dangerous for you to quit without medical supervision, and that's why drug detox and alcohol detox is such a great choice. You'll take medications that will help to speed up the process of eliminating those toxic substances from your body. If you experience withdrawal, you can take medication to help with those symptoms as well. You might even be able to be given general anesthesia during the procedure. In anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours, your body will have completed drug and alcohol detox, and you'll be better prepared for drug treatment and alcohol treatment afterwards.

Is Alcohol Rehab and Drug Rehab in Erie, Colorado Right for You?

Perhaps you still have a lot of questions about what you can expect to happen once you agree to get substance abuse treatment in Erie. That's completely normal, and you should definitely have those questions answered for you. Here at AspenRidge Recovery, our caring staff is waiting to hear from you. There is so much to consider when you think about getting addiction treatment, and we're confident that we can help you choose the method that will work for you.

Would you like to talk with someone in more detail about your options for substance abuse treatment? Please contact us today and let's get started on your recovery together.