How Long Does Cocaine Stay in Your System?

How long does coke stay in your body? How quickly can you detox from the drug?

Cocaine users know that the drug takes action fast. Within a few seconds, a single line of coke causes its user to feel euphoric. Even some of the negative side effects of using coke (such as a heart attack) can occur only moments after the drug is consumed. But how long does cocaine stay in your body? Is it easy to detox from?

Understanding the Half-Life of Cocaine

In order to figure out how long coke stays in your system, it’s important to understand the drug’s half-life. “Half-life” describes the length of time it takes for the body to reduce the amount of a substance in the body by 50%. Cocaine has two separate half-lives—one for urine and one for blood.

How Long Does Coke Stay in Your Urine?

The half-life of cocaine in urine is roughly 20 hours. This means that every 20 hours, the amount of coke detectable in your body is reduced by half. If you consume a very small amount of the substance, therefore, it will only be detectable for around 2 days. If you consumed a large quantity all at once or use it habitually, your body will take much longer to process all of the cocaine you used.

Unlike coke traces in urine, those in the blood disappear relatively quickly. This is one reason why cocaine’s effects are only felt for a short period of time. The half-life of cocaine in blood is between 60 and 90 minutes. This means that the quantity of coke consumed dissipates by 50% every hour or so. When you use relatively small amounts of cocaine, it will be metabolized from your blood somewhat quickly. If you are a habitual cocaine user, however, you may have traces in your plasma as long as you keep using the drug.

The question “How long does cocaine stay in your system” is somewhat complicated when we talk about hair. Hair, after all, is like a time capsule of drug use. You can show traces of cocaine or any other drug in your hair for several years after you last used the drug. The half-life rule doesn’t necessarily apply to hair. This is one reason why hair tests are a popular form of drug testing. It is difficult to rid your body of drug traces entirely unless your hair falls out or you shave it off.

Will One Line of Coke Show Up in a Hair Test?

Cocaine actually isn’t stored in the roots of your hair. Instead, it is distributed randomly throughout all of the hairs. In other words, every individual follicle won’t necessarily show traces of the drug. Only certain sections of random hairs will have traces of cocaine. While a single bump of coke can be stored in your hair, it is unlikely that every hair will have signs of drug use stored in it. Of course, the only way to ensure that your body shows no traces of coke use is to abstain from using the drug.

Factors that Affect How Long Cocaine Stays in Your System

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There are a number of additional factors that can affect how long coke stays in your system. They include:

The nature of your habit: The amount of cocaine you use will always determine the length of time it’s present in your body. Similarly, how often you use the drug will affect its presence in your system. People who use large amounts regularly will have much more of the drug in their system than those who use it every once in a while.

 Physical health: The health of your organs is a determining factor in how long cocaine stays in your system. Your liver, in particular, is a vital component in the process of metabolizing drugs. If you have an unhealthy liver, it will take longer for your body to process cocaine or any other drug. Therefore, you may show traces of cocaine use for a longer period of time than someone with a healthy liver. 

Method of testing: As it has been pointed out above, the half-life of cocaine will differ depending on the method used to test for traces. It takes a few days for the drug to disappear from your urine. It will be flushed out of your blood and saliva in a day or so. 

Additionally, cocaine will show up in sweat for a few weeks. Sweat-testing is not a common drug test format. However, it may be important for cocaine users to know that the drug will be present in their sweat as the body flushes out all of its byproducts.

How to Get Cocaine Out of Your System

The only real way to detox from cocaine is to stop using it. There are plenty of detox drink products and pills that claim to help you flush the drug out quicker but there is no scientific evidence to prove that these work. If you want to flush cocaine out of your system, simply stop using it and let the drug’s half-life run its course. 

If you are a habitual cocaine user you may need to go through a professional detox program. Quitting cold turkey can have some uncomfortably painful side effects. Once you detox, however, you’ll be in a good position to move forward as a cocaine-free individual.

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Do You Suffer from Cocaine Addiction?

If you are worried about how long coke stays in your system, it’s possible that you have a drug problem. If that’s the case, it could be time to get some help. Cocaine is a dangerous drug that can have long-lasting effects on your health. Feel free to reach out if you want to discuss the most effective ways of getting cocaine out of your body for good.

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