90-Day Drug Rehab Program in Denver, Colorado: Why it Works

Whether you've been using drugs for a few months or several years, there's no doubt in your mind that you have an addiction. Everyone has to come to a place where they recognize a need for addiction treatment, but for most people, a 30-day program doesn't give them enough time to address all of their needs. As a matter of fact, a 90-day drug rehab program is generally recommended because it's been proven to be much more effective.

Maybe you've been thinking about going to drug treatment, and you're wondering if this type of program might be the best option for you. Let's talk about why it's so effective, and how it can help you to overcome your addiction.

The 90-Day Drug Rehab Program in Denver, CO: A Much Better Option

We tend to think of drug treatment as being a "quick fix" for addiction, but that's not the case at all. It's vital for you to take the proper steps if you want to overcome your addiction and have the best chance of recovering. While recovery is a life-long process, by taking the time to invest in yourself during the early days, you're setting yourself up for success in the future.

A 90-day drug treatment center would provide you with:

  • Drug detox to address the withdrawal symptoms that strike once you quit using
  • Individual counseling sessions to address the issues that led to your addiction
  • A 12 Step Program to help connect you with other people who are battling addiction
  • Support groups that will address other issues you might be facing
  • Events and activities to help you learn important skills

Relearning Your Life Without Addiction at Drug Treatment Centers in Denver, CO

No matter how long you've been addicted to drugs, it takes time to relearn how to live and enjoy your life without them. That's one of the main reasons a 90-day drug rehab program is such a good idea. By patiently addressing all of your issues - both physical and mental - you will effectively learn how enjoyable it is to live your life free from the bondages of drugs.

Choosing AspenRidge Recovery for Your Drug Rehab Program in Denver, Colorado

AspenRidge Recovery offers a 90-day drug rehab program that would be an excellent fit for your needs. We provide drug detox services, as well as a specific treatment plan that will address your individual addiction and how it has affected your life. We're confident that you will find it to be a life-changing experience. If you'd like to learn more, please contact us.